What's New? (feat. Jojo the Deity & Victor Wu)

by Farid Audee

What’s New?” becomes Farid’s official first single from his upcoming album. After hearing the beat, Farid wanted to continue the song with positive and happy vibes and wrote lines like “we don’t hear a thing we stray away from negativity, what’s new?” followed by “we are feeling all the love, tell my bros that you mean a lot to me” The vibe of the song was inspired by music festivals, raves and concerts. (Read lyrics here)

Victor Wu presented a beat called 0052 to Farid Audee, then later, Farid Audee wrote the song to the beat 0052 and recorded a demo to send to a potential candidate to sing the song. Victor Wu becomes the beat-maker/composer, co-producer for making the beat. Farid Audee wrote the song, produced the vocal performance, and mixed and mastered the project. Rapper and singer

Jojo the Deity collaborated with Farid Audee’s for Farid’s edm album “Euphoric Knights” on a song called “Pool Party” back in 2015. Farid thought to offer the gig to Jojo because of their past work and Jojo’s sound and vibe. Jojo sent the vocals back to Farid months later where the project was held off all of the summer. Farid came back to the project in September and was released in November of 2018. (Listen on streaming platforms here)

Jojo the Deity declined the offer to shoot the music video at a bar and fitness center in New York City and declined to be on Farid’s podcast.

The song is still on the process of being sent to radio and is currently on a promotional run and will continue to serve as the first single for the album.


Farid Audee: Producer, publisher, artist, songwriter, top line writer/vocal production, mix engineer, master engineer

Victor Wu: Beat Maker/Composer, Co-Producer

Jojo the Deity: Talent