by Farid Audee

Promotional single from Farid Audee, recorded at Mercy Studios in Dobbs Ferry New York. Beat composition made by Victor Wu. Lyrics, vocal production, mix and master made by Farid Audee. Audee wanted to introduce a bizarre first impression to his followers and listeners and created a bilingual trap/latin-pop/rap fuse that is “Wells”. Farid and Victor met at a recording studio in Midtown New York when Victor Wu introduced the beat named 0014. Farid started free-styling and writing on the spot, recorded the next day at Mercy Studios and mixed the beat and finessed it to please the top-line and vocal structure. Farid capitalizes the vibe of this song as dark, emo, revengeful, personal yet careless. Farid Audee name-drops his cousin and calls him out on a private situation they had in the past. Farid mentions the substantial amount of cousins he has whom he claims do not care about his music career, and how they all are on different types of careers paths not as bright has his. (Read lyrics here)

The song involves a rather unique arrangement of verses and hooks (both in English and Spanish) finished with dialogue. The ideology of the dialogue is to convince the listener anyone can rap, including Farid, who is not a rapper. He claims “Anyone can rap. Or am I just talented” concluding with the announcement of his first album. (Listen on streaming platforms)

The artwork involves Farid wearing a shirt with a Virgin Mary print, taken by Luigi Morris at his apartment. The ideology involves praying for fame and wishing for wealth and being well.


Farid Audee: Producer, publisher, artist, talent, songwriter, top-line writer/vocal production, mix engineer, master engineer

Victor Wu: Beat-maker/composer, co-producer