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Beat Market™ is a store where you can purchase beats and download them immediately for your personal use. We offer mastered beats and unmastered beats.

We offer two different type of purchase options:

1. Lease the Beat:

Anyone can purchase the beat, hence price is cheaper. Stems are not offered for leases. We will send you an email with who’s credit you shall give, if you decide to release a song obtaining a beat sold at That means we do not take 50% of your composition/writer’s share, but credit shall be given on the title of the track or as an artist for the track.

2. Exclusive Rights:

Exclusive rights is only available to one costumer who is interested in purchasing a beat. Any beat which is purchased once will not be available for exclusive rights. If the beat with exclusive rights is up, it’s available, and no one has it. You keep the rights to the beat and no credit is necessary upon your release unless per your request. After purchase, the beat is taken down on this website. Exclusive rights comes with the stems (unmastered) on a second email.

Beats sold through are owned by Farid Audee unless purchased as exclusive rights.

Any beat sold on is allowed to be uploaded to music libraries and streaming services such as: Google Play, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music etc. and we do not expect commission. Rules for lease or exclusive rights apply.

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Beat 002 (Unmastered, Lease)


Beat 002 (Unmastered, Lease)

30.00 40.00

Beat 002 (Unmastered, Lease) will include the unmastered beat. For mastered versions visit “Beat 002 (Mastered, Lease)”

If you need an Mp3 of the beat, contact us after purchasing.

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Beat 002 is a trap beat, containing a catchy acoustic guitar melody and bouncy 808.